Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Klebo provide support during your event?

oh yes! we are always there, your allocated event manager will ensure all goes to plan pre, during and post event to ensure content is uploaded and presetations keep to schedule.

How long will it take to create our vitual event? 

Typically, it takes a week to create your virtual environment and help you collate the graphic look and feel you want. The platforms comprehensive CRM makes chasing up exhibitors, abstract applicants and delegates a simple click.

How long does the virtual event stay open?

Yes, all presentations can be automatically recorded and post-edited so within 24hrs of the end of event, all videos can be uploaded to your virtual event space and of course the exhibtors can continue to present their products and respond to 'chat' sales leads.

Can payments be taken during registration?

Yes, our payment module allows you to setup multiple ticket types including discounted 'early-bird' and code-driven access levels. Simply enter the id code of your stripe, paypal, sage or worldpay account and all payments go direct to you.

Why use Klebo for a simple webinar and not zoom or teams directly??

Klebo provides an emersive experience for attendees from registration through to presentation viewing, networking and exhibitor interaction. Choose the rooms you want to use, and as registrants arrive at the door they can access presentations and even pre-recorded sessions without passcodes or emailed links. Organisers benefit from rich analytics including data on visitor movements, downloads, interaction with poster presenters and exhibitors. The integrated live-chat feature allows all attendees to network with ease and see who is 'online' and who is in specific areas including workshop rooms, exhibitor booths and poster stands, all in real-time.

What does it all cost?

We charge a simple flat fee for our platform, no extras, addons, fees or commissions. All payments collected through ticketing go straight to you 100%. The charge for the platform is based on an annual fee of GBP4995 which covers up to 3 events with up to 50 exhibitors/event and a single or multi track conference hall. Abtract submission, exhibitor self-admin pages, live chat, networking lounge and interactive poster sessions are all included. Custom solutions, multi-track and exhibitor halls exceeeding 50 stands will be quoted separately. Our support time is charged at GBP350/pp/day, initially you may need more Klebo staff members on hand but once you become confident this requirement usually reduces.

Typically, other than your dedicated account manager, who is included with your licence fee, one additional Klebo staff member is required to be online for the duration of the event.

Can delegates save content to a briefcase?

Yes, all content can be added to visitors' personal briefcase including contact details of other attendees, documentation from exhibitor stands and of course copies of favourite presentations, speakers and posters.